Lands in the body of texts and/or emails​:  

Attachment Files Not Needed

Send in one(1) tap/clk - Arrives in seconds

GREAT FOR BULK/MASS EMAIL MARKETING​​​: ​Lands Directly in Body of Email, Your E-Card Image, (Pre-Linked to your site/urL) Can't be Avoided. 1-tap/clk & ur site appears.

Conventions-Conferences-parties-other Networking events? If you've got ur phone you've got ur cards, they never run-out because they're Digital. So why not get 2 or 3 of these High Impact Images  for different purposes. BizCards e-cards have no-subscription-no monthly fees-no strings,   you own these. 

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Simply complete a template, store in ur phn/text ( Quicker access when stored - Inbox or Outbox - just "FORWARD" ) or desktop or email ( Quicker access when stored in Email Inbox - Just "FORWARD" ) as contacts or in Google drive ;  send in One tap/click.       

All  for  under $2. each.  

A paperless solution to paper Business Cards.​ 

Lands in the body of texts and/or emails​ -  No Attachment Needed

These Easy Move & Store Business or Personal E-Cards can be sent via Text or email, use as Bulk E-Mail Marketing Tool(s) & add to your existing SEO program  BizCards'  E-Cards land in email body, not as  an attachment.  ​​  All for under $2. each​​

 No-Subscriptions-No-Fees,  one time cost under $2. ea.  & Done, BizCards' e-cards (virtual Business Cards)

also don't rip-bend or run-out. THE ONLY BUSINESS CARD WITH  ETERNAL LIFE