As you can see from the length of the above Videos & text, this  process is quite simple, usually takes about 10-15 mins to create a Business Card that will last E t e r n a l l y.

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These easy to complete Templates using MS WORD  or other word processing  (link creating)  program you may choose,  Note: (It's best to Copy url from actual destination page(s) as to be sure that   http:// is  present in your links & also "short urls don't always work".)  As you can see each of our High Impact Images  will hold up to 9-lines of text ​, sometimes 10, ( 6 for links), plus a photo/logo space, all for under $2. So try one or more ​Biz Cards today, and watch people respond when you send them a BizCard 

This Video below shows how to add photo or logo image(s) to your BizCard Template. ​Save time by advancing (skip) the beginning of this video by 2:19 mins/seconds

​Simply complete a template, store in ur phn/desktop or email as contacts or in Google drive ;  Your multiple URL Links are preserved & ready for whatever situation ur in requiring a biz card to be sent in One tap/click & arrive in seconds, and all links are preserved in the text or email system you send it to.  A paperless solution to running out of old school paper Business Cards.  ​All for under$2. 

THIS Template WAS CREATED IN OpenOffice Writer, then "Saved As PDF" Then "Select" - Copied to Desktop. (Accidently it was also copied to "Wordpad") each of those files were "OPEN WITH" Photoshop & "Saved As JPEG"; which is why you are reading this completed BizCard template Now. THE PROBLEM IS IT DID'NT PRESERVE THE LINKS. Solve that issue & templates can be completed in OpnOfc & be opened with any system.   

This Video below shows how to place text on your BizCard  Template image. Save time by advancing (skip)  the beginning of this video by 40 seconds

This Video below shows how to insert a BizCard  Template image. Save time by advancing (skip)  this video unless you do not know how to insert an image.

These Easy to Complete-Move & Store Business or Personal E-Cards can be sent via Text or email, annnd  can be used as Bulk E-Mail Marketing Tool in Addition to your existing SEO program since they land in the email body, they're not an attachment. ​All for   under $2. each